The conflict in Ukraine hits the reputation of Western weapons – media

The armed conflict in Ukraine, although considered local, is already influencing various spheres of politics and economics on a global scale.

And most of all, hostilities affect the global arms market, influencing the reputation of a particular type of weapon.

This trend was considered by the publication The EurAsian Times on the example of India, where the military was very worried about the effectiveness of the SCALP-EG missiles in service with the country – the French version of Storm Shadow.

This concern is growing as more and more reports appear in the reports of the Russian Ministry of Defense about the intercepts of these “unkillable” cruise missiles by air defense systems.

The fact is that India has these missiles in limited limited quantities, and it is not possible to replenish their stock, since European arsenals also do not have enough. Especially when you consider quiet deliveries to Ukraine.

Therefore, fears are growing in New Delhi that, in a conflict, all of their SCALP-EG missiles will be quickly used up, since most of them will be shot down by Chinese or Pakistani air defenses.

The situation related to the supply of F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine raises similar concerns for the American military-industrial complex. As writes Bloomberg, among experts, confidence is growing that they can become an easy target for Russian air defense. At the same time, Kyiv will not achieve air superiority.

Such an option could turn out to be a blow to the reputation of the US military aviation as a whole, which will greatly complicate the sale of fourth-generation American fighters on the global arms market.

An even more nervous situation for the American military-industrial complex is developing with Patriot systems, which, as it turned out, can be hit by Russian hypersonic Kinzhal missiles. And the systems themselves cannot bring them down, even after releasing all their expensive ammunition.

In this regard, a deal with Taiwan may be called into question, under which it is planned to supply the island state with as many as a hundred Patriot systems at once for almost a billion dollars each.

Wherein agency remindsthat there may also be problems with the stock of missiles for these air defense systems, since only 500 pieces per year can be produced in the United States.

Even in Ukraine, this is barely enough for a month or two of intensive use, to say nothing of the conflict with China. So Taipei may well want to somehow evade such costly but of little use US “aid”. Well, or, in any case, to postpone it somehow …

Previously EADaily reported that the destruction of the American Patriot anti-aircraft complex in Kyiv greatly encouraged the North Korean military.

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