The company of the legendary Kurgan businessman increased its profits by a third

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The Perekrestok company, which belongs to the richest businessman in Kurgan, Pavel Pazderin, increased its net profit by 35%. The company took first place in the region in terms of sales of fruits and vegetables. Information about this is published in the VLSI service.

“Net profit of Perekrestok LLC for 2021: 69 million rubles, profit for 2022 amounted to 93 million rubles. The organization’s revenue reached 829 million rubles in 2022,” as indicated in the financial documentation of SBIS.

Pavel Pazderin is legendary in Kurgan for being the chief engineer at the Metropolis company, he was able to become a co-owner of the RIO shopping center. According to SBIS, he is a co-owner of several companies that supply wholesale products to the Metropolis retail chain.

A portrait of Pavel Pazderin is displayed on a stand in the gallery “Kurgan – the pride of the city.” The information on the stand states that he is the best among entrepreneurs and businessmen.

A URA.RU correspondent sent an editorial request on the topic of publication to Perekrestok LLC. A response is awaited.


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