The Communist Party of the Russian Federation officially named the successor to the convicted deputy of the Chelyabinsk Legislative Assembly

Judicial debate on the case of Arman Arakelyan.  Chelyabinsk, Arakelyan Arman

The Communist Party of the Russian Federation has officially named Andrey Duda the successor of Arman Arakelyan, deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Chelyabinsk Region, convicted of corruption. Documents for it were received by the Regional Electoral Committee, confirmed to URA.RU on March 7 in the department.

“The commission will meet to agree on the transfer of the mandate on March 9th. The presentation will take place at the next March session of the ZSO, ”explained URA.RU in the regional election committee.

54-year-old Duda works in the regional parliament as an assistant to a deputy and leads the federation of hockey on felt boots. In 2020, he tried to get into the ZSO on the lists of the Communist Party, but the party did not get a sufficient percentage of the vote.

Arakelyan resigned his mandate at the end of February. This happened after he was sentenced to nine years in a strict regime colony and a fine of 6.5 million rubles. The prosecutor’s office has already demanded to cancel the verdict, since four accomplices of the deputy from among the employees of Rosavtodor received suspended sentences.


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