The Communist Party of the Russian Federation in Tyumen will not be able to refuse PR by criticizing the budget

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Deputies of the Communist Party faction of the Tyumen Regional Duma intend to vote against the adoption of the regional budget in the first reading. This decision will be made at a meeting of the parliamentary faction. The head of the faction in the regional Duma, Tamara Kazantseva, told URA.RU about this.

“We took part in meetings of conciliation commissions on the budget and are now preparing for meetings of the Duma at which the region’s budget will be adopted. I had questions about the decrease in rental income from municipal property and the increase in expenses for the governor. The Communist Party faction, all four deputies, will vote against the adoption of the budget. We have such an attitude in the party,” commented Tamara Kazantseva.

She explained that the position of the party leadership obliges deputies to vote “against”, otherwise members of the faction may be punished for failure to comply with party resolutions. Every year, the Communist Party faction in the regional Duma votes “against” in the first reading of the budget of the Tyumen region, and in the second and third readings, deputies of the faction vote “for” or abstain.

Over the next three years, the Tyumen authorities plan to spend 26.4 million rubles annually on supporting the activities of Governor Alexander Moor, while in 2023 this amount is 22.3 million. In the draft budget of the Tyumen region for 2024, revenues are planned in the amount of 242 .6 billion rubles, expenses will amount to 286.3 billion rubles, the budget deficit is planned at 43 billion rubles.

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