The commander of the ZVO assault group with the call sign Kuban died heroically, saving his colleagues |  Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation | Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

Commander of the assault group of the Western Military District Alexander Maltsev with the call sign “Kuban” died heroically, covering the retreat of his group with the wounded.

Stormtroopers for several days conducted operations to capture and hold the fortified points of the enemy. One of the soldiers, with the call sign “Low” was injured. Maltsev diverted the attention of the enemy, allowing the team to regroup.

“A machine gun was fired in his direction. He fully provided for our departure. In the evacuation area, we learned that the Kuban was not with us, ”said RIA News fighter with the call sign “Carlson”.

The deceased Maltsev accomplished another feat in the special operation zone. He single-handedly captured the enemy’s trench, eliminating three fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


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