The commander of the Yugra battalion thanked the volunteers for their help. Video

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Senator from Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug Eduard Isakov, on behalf of the commander of the Yugra battalion, presented a letter of thanks to the head of the organization “We Don’t Leave Our Own” Gulnara Shroeder. The politician posted the corresponding post in his telegram channel.

“On behalf of the commander of the Ugra battalion, I am presenting a letter of thanks to Shreder Gulnara Kalikanovna for organizing and assisting in the logistics of the Ugra motorized rifle battalion. Your help is invaluable. The personnel and officers of the battalion command are immensely grateful to you,” Senator Isakov reports.

Letters of thanks were also presented to all volunteers of the organization. The politician noted that the association has become a point of attraction for Ugra volunteers. Schoolchildren and silver volunteers and just caring people come here.

Earlier, URA.RU reported that the Bars unit in the NVO zone received a UAZ minibus from Senator Eduard Isakov. A student of a politician is fighting in this battalion. It was he who asked Isakov to help in providing the necessary transport.


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