The commander of the Ukrainian Air Force said that he was losing the best pilots in anticipation of the F-16

Ukraine is losing its best military pilots while waiting for the F-16, Commander of the Ukrainian Air Force General Serhiy Golubtsov said in an interview with the British Times newspaper.

According to him, Ukrainian pilots can master Western aircraft in a few months. He rejected claims by NATO officials that training could take years. Golubtsov cited as an example two of his subordinates who had recently returned from the United States.

“They spent three weeks there and on the F-16 simulator they learned how to fly together as two pilots, how to use weapons. The results are very good: Ukrainian pilots can learn how to fly and control weapons systems on the F-16 in less than six months,” he said.

The commander of the Ukrainian Air Force complained about outdated equipment and delays on the part of NATO with the supply of Western weapons, including F-16 fighters.

“I have lost some of my best people due to lack of proper equipment” Golubtsov said.

Former President of the United States Joe Biden in a TV interview ruled out the transfer of F-16s to Kyiv, saying that such deliveries do not make sense in the context of the current conflict.

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