The command ship “Marshal Krylov” worked out the interaction of the forces of the fleet at sea

The control ship “Marshal Krylov” of the Pacific Fleet (Pacific Fleet) conducted a comprehensive exercise to organize communications with the forces of the fleet in Peter the Great Bay, which involved surface ships, submarines, ground control posts and naval aircraft.

As reported today, March 3, by the press service of the Eastern Military District, communications specialists from the crew of the ship worked out actions in building a stable secure communications network at sea with the transmission of control signals over long distances and relaying the signal, including using satellite channels.

“More than 10 subscribers were involved in the exercises, including surface ships, submarines, ground control posts and aircraft of naval aviation of the Pacific Fleet,” — indicated in the department.

Also during the exercise, the crew of the command ship “Marshal Krylov” conducted damage control training, taking on board the Ka-27PS and Ka-27PL helicopters.

It is noted that the complex shipboard exercises were carried out in accordance with the combat training plan of the Pacific Fleet as part of the delivery of the K-2 course task by the crew.

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