The collection of the Puppet Museum and the Ice Cream House in Serpukhov was replenished with 15 new exhibits

March 20, 2023, 00:15

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The Serpukhov Museum of Dolls and the Ice Cream House have new exhibits – the electromechanical “Magic Carousel”, the collections of dolls “Paradise Birds” and “Tenderness”. Their authors are masters from Moscow and St. Petersburg.

“Part of the new composition is made of baked clay, the author molded doll sculptures, then painted them like an artist. Glass eyes are often inserted into these dolls; for this, they are ordered from ophthalmologists. The hair is made from natural goat skin. The outfits are made of antique lace and decorated with antique jewelry,” said Inga Spirina, director of the Museum of Dolls and the Ice Cream House.

Alexander Stepushkin

Alexander Stepushkin

The Museum of Dolls and the House of Ice Cream has been operating in Serpukhov for the third year. It presents exclusive works of famous masters and about 40 types of ice cream.

The project was implemented in 2019 by Inga Spirina.

“It was enough just to participate in the auction – I went from a laptop to an electronic platform, having an electronic signature, and submitted an application for participation in the auction. I didn’t have any difficulties. The administration of the city district of Serpukhov was the initiator of the birth of this project, they believed in me and morally supported me. I took out a loan to buy real estate and decided to take a chance. The Puppet Museum and the Ice Cream House turned out to be very interesting, children and adults really like it here. There are regular visitors, and excursions from other cities also come, ”Inga shared.

Alexander Stepushkin

Alexander Stepushkin

“At the beginning of the journey, the administration of the Serpukhov city district, together with the entrepreneur, chose all municipal premises that could be suitable for the implementation of this project,” said Darya Vorontsova, director of the Committee for the Development of Investments, Entrepreneurship and the Consumer Market of the Administration of the Serpukhov City District.

Recall that in the Moscow region, all land and property auctions are held centrally according to uniform standards and rules, the competition policy committee acts as the organizer of the auction, and the single entry point is EASUZ portal.

Alexander Stepushkin

Alexander Stepushkin

Earlier, the governor of the Moscow Region, Andrey Vorobyov, presented the Minister of Economic Development with a new way to support business in the region.

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