The closing of the time capsule in Yekaterinburg will be held in a private format

Opening a time capsule at the Yekaterinburg History Museum.  Ekaterinburg, time capsule, Igor Pushkarev, Evgeniy Burdenkov, opening of the time capsule

The new time capsule will be sealed at the Ural Chemical Engineering Plant in Yekaterinburg on November 15, but only a select few will be able to attend such an important event. The closing of the sarcophagus will be witnessed by VIP guests from the administration and the Sverdlovsk government. The city administration reports this.

“On November 15, the enterprise will demonstrate the filling of the capsule and its sealing. Representatives of city and regional authorities are expected to attend,” the event announcement states.

The time capsule in Yekaterinburg was pulled out of the ground on August 18, and opened 12 days later. It contained books, newspaper files, souvenirs and a letter – all this only partially coincided with the list announced by the museum before the opening of the sarcophagus. Later, the director of the Museum of History of Yekaterinburg, Igor Pushkarev, explained that some of the things might not have been placed due to the policies of the Communist Party. From October 13, an exhibition with the contents of the reservoir opens at the MIE. The time capsule in Yekaterinburg will be laid underground on the afternoon of November 18, and everyone will be welcome at the gala event.


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