The Chinese Foreign Ministry explained the Ukrainian crisis by contradictions in the European security system

The official representative of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Mao Ning, said that the essence of the Ukrainian crisis lies in a sharp aggravation of contradictions in the European security system. This is how Ms. Mao answered the relevant question from TASS.

“The Ukrainian crisis is essentially a tragedy that could have been avoided. The essence of the Ukrainian crisis lies in a major explosion of contradictions in the management of European security,” said a spokeswoman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

According to Ms. Mao, the current stage of the conflict is a “painful lesson” that should be comprehended by all parties. “In the Ukrainian crisis, China has always determined its position based on the essence of the matter itself, we have always stood firmly on the side of peace, dialogue and historical justice, we have always been committed to promoting peace and negotiations,” the diplomat stressed.

Earlier today, on May 25, the press service of the Chinese Foreign Ministry presented the results of the talks between the Special Representative of the People’s Republic of China in Eurasia, Li Hui, and the State Secretary of the German Foreign Ministry, Andreas Michaelis. According to Mr. Li, China supports the initiatives of Europe, if they are connected with the search for the root causes of the crisis. Tomorrow, May 26, Mr. Li will come to Moscow for talks.

About the mission of the PRC to resolve the Ukrainian crisis – in the publication “Kommersant” “Ukraine is preparing a Chinese draw.”

Grigory Leiba


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