The child is photographed happy as he spends time with his biological mother, Olivia Labinjo-Halcrow, 29


These tragic images depict a happy Arthur Labinjo-Hughes with his biological mother, just months before his cruel stepmother tortured, battered, and murdered him.

The joyful, bright toddler can be seen beaming as he spends time with Olivia Labinjo-Halcrow, 29.

In one photo, he’s wearing a Superman t-shirt, and in another, he’s strolling down the street with a Build-a-Bear stuffed animal in a bag thrown over his shoulders.

The images contrast starkly with the emaciated, pain-stricken six-year-old shown in the final footage of him alive before his murder by his cruel stepmother, Emma Tustin.

The last photographs of Arthur alive, captured on frightening CCTV hours before he was killed, show the frail little child unable to stand or walk, sobbing ‘no one loves me’ and ‘no one’s going to feed me.’

It came after months of “unimaginable anguish” at the hands of the vicious 32-year-old and Thomas Hughes, the boy’s father.

In February 2019, Arthur was taken into custody by his father when Labinjo-Halcrow killed her partner Gary Cunningham, 29, in a drunken rage by slashing him 12 times with a kitchen knife.


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