The Chelyabinsk Ministry of Finance presented the state-owned enterprise with debts of 373 million rubles

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The regional Ministry of Finance presented debts of 373.7 million rubles to the state enterprise Food Corporation of the Chelyabinsk Region. As the press service of the regional arbitration court said, the application was found to be justified.

“As part of the bankruptcy case, the regional Ministry of Finance applied to the regional arbitration court with a request to include a claim in the amount of 373.7 million rubles in the register of claims of the debtor’s creditors. The demand was recognized as justified and included in the register of demands,” the court noted.

In the pretentious amount of the Ministry of Finance, the main share falls on the consolidated debt, 2.3 million – on interest for the use of budget funds, 41 million – on interest for late repayment. The court ordered that debts to the government agency be included in the third priority. In this case, interest will be taken into account separately. They will be repaid after payment of the principal amount.

The lawsuit to declare Food Corporation bankrupt was filed in July by the regional property ministry. Based on the results of the consideration, in September the court introduced a bankruptcy procedure.

The authorities made the decision to create the State Unitary Enterprise “Food Corporation” in 1997. The enterprise helped redistribute food between farmers and consumers, providing farmers with the necessary resources for work. The company also supervised regional investment programs in the agricultural sector. After overcoming the economic crisis in the country and region, the work of the State Unitary Enterprise became useless and was curtailed. By that time, the activities of the enterprise were increasingly becoming the subject of scandals. And not only regional, but also international.

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