The CEO of Wildberries Bakalchuk called for the creation of a single list of goods prohibited for online sale

Tatyana Bakalchuk, CEO of Wildberries, proposed creating a list of goods prohibited for online sale and harmonizing legislation in the field of consumer protection. According to her, such a register should be created at the level of the Eurasian Economic Union.

“It is necessary to harmonize legislation in the field of consumer protection, create a single list of goods prohibited for sale remotely and resolve the issue of double taxation,”— stated Mrs. Bakalchuk during the Eurasian Economic Forum in Moscow.

The head of Wildberries clarified that the largest players in the marketplace market are ready to be guided by the new registry, but it is important that it be unified. “You say that we need to fill in 20 columns instead of 10, we will fill in. You say that in order to cross borders, you need to provide passport data from all consumers, we will collect this data, ”she added.

At the moment, marketplaces themselves, in accordance with the law, determine the list of goods prohibited for sale on the site. The current list of prohibited goods on Wildberries, according to Forbes, now includes 42 items (the document has not been published in the public domain). In particular, the following are prohibited for sale: vapes, erotic goods and products, ritual goods, military equipment, flammable liquids and ignition, goods whose appearance (or images on them) promote non-traditional sexual relations among minors, Nazi paraphernalia, narcotic drugs, etc. Further.

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