The Central Bank of the Russian Federation may provoke a new decline in production in the Russian Federation – State Duma deputy


An attempt by the Central Bank to further bring down inflation by limiting the money supply and thereby forcibly limiting demand may provoke a decline in production. About this to the correspondent IA REGNUM On August 11, said a State Duma deputy from the Party of Growth Oksana Dmitrieva.

“There was a very high jump in inflation in Russia in the spring, associated with the factors of the beginning of the NWO, sanctions, economic fear and expectations of a fall in the ruble exchange rate and a decrease in economic growth,” she noticed. — The second reason for the jump in inflation is the sharp rise in prices for oil, gas and food on the world market. These factors have already been played out. However, now there are factors of the so-called “cost inflation” associated with the rise in the cost of logistics. The further rise in prices caused by these factors comes up against…

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