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The center for the reception of refugees from Ukraine will be closed in Prague due to overload


The mayor of Prague, Zdenek Grzyb, said that the city would close the refugee center from June 15 due to the large flow of Ukrainians. According to the mayor, Prague no longer has the capacity to accommodate refugees.

“If the situation with the distribution of refugees changes, we are ready to open this center. But we cannot accept people where we cannot take care of them,” said Mr Grzyb (quoted from Ceske Noviny). According to the mayor of Prague, the city authorities must release some of the hotels and boarding houses in which refugees were temporarily accommodated for tourists.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Czech Republic, as of June 10, after February 24, approximately 370,000 Ukrainian refugees arrived in the republic. 53.6 thousand people received Prague and the adjacent Central Bohemian region. Another 11 territories received 10-21 thousand people each. Two regions, Pilsen and South Moravia, received 27 and 36 thousand people, respectively.

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