The Bundestag announced the disinterest of the allies in a thorough investigation of the explosions at the “SP”

Berlin does not receive information from the allies about the progress of the investigation into the sabotage at Nord Stream and sees their unwillingness to conduct a transparent trial. About it TASS said the deputy of the Bundestag from the Alternative for Germany (AfD) faction, member of the climate protection and energy committee Steffen Kotre.

Norway, Denmark and Sweden do not provide any information. Without sufficient data, Berlin cannot do anything about finding out the causes and circumstances of the blowing up of pipelines.

“The investigation is not transparent. It is not carried out with the proper pressure,” Kotre said.

At first, the West loudly accused Russia of this, without presenting evidence, and after that everything calmed down. This development of events makes us think about the involvement of the allies in the terrorist attack on the “SP”, the parliamentarian added.


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