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The British are complaining to the police about their compatriots who, despite categorical prohibitions, use hoses for irrigation, ITV reports.

According to the TV channel, law enforcement officers often receive calls with complaints about violations of the ban, even in those regions where restrictions have not yet officially entered into force.

It is noted that this kind of snitching distracts law enforcement officers from dealing with serious incidents, because violation of the ban on the use of hoses for irrigation is not a criminal offense, but a civil one.

So, the police of the counties of Devon and Cornwall complain about the “unprecedented number of calls.”

“All these issues should be dealt with by other departments. A list of these departments is available on our website, so please check it before calling us.” – ITV quotes Assistant Chief of Police for Devon and Cornwall Nikki Leeper.

The channel also recalled that the fine for violating the ban could be as high as £1,000 if the complaint goes to court.

Earlier, reported that in the British county of Cornwall and part of Devon next week a temporary ban on the use of hoses for irrigation will be introduced in order to save water, the shortage of which is caused by abnormal heat and drought.

This is stated on the website of the water company South West Water, which serves 1.7 million people in the UK.

“From 00:01 on 23 August 2022, consumers who receive water from us in Cornwall and in a small part of Devon will be prohibited from using the water hose. This is the first time in 26 years, but we had no other choice.” — noted in the information.

Everything possible was done to avoid a forced ban, but the measures taken did not help, the company said.

“We have increased the amount of water we can store, doubling it since the last drought in 1976. We have opened reservoirs, drilled a new well, and improved the way water is transported around the region to keep all taps running smoothly. We have reduced water loss through our own pipes. Over the past two years, we have doubled the number of leak detection employees. But all this is not enough.” – admitted to the company.

Earlier, Bloomberg wrote that the shallowing of rivers would further limit the supply of vital goods to the EU and exacerbate the energy crisis in European countries that have lost the previous volume of Russian gas supplies.

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