The British government has authorized the organization of a charter to evacuate 200 dogs and cats from Kabul, which the charity’s founder, former British Navy officer Pen Farthing, was trying to evacuate, the UK Defense Department said in a statement.

Earlier, the British military refused to evacuate 140 dogs and 60 cats.

British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said he could not accommodate the animals on evacuation flights for safety reasons. In addition, he noted that the animals can leave Afghanistan after the completion of the evacuation operation when the Kabul airport opens for commercial flights.

According to the Ministry of Defense, Pen Farthing and his pets have received help from the British Armed Forces and are awaiting transportation at the Kabul airport.

“At the direction of the Secretary of Defense, permission for their charter flight was granted by the UK government,” the agency said on Twitter.

In early August, the Taliban * intensified their offensive against government forces in Afghanistan. The Taliban entered the capital on August 15 and took control of the presidential palace, then on August 16 announced that the war in Afghanistan was over, and the form of government in the state would become clear in the near future.

The only province not under their control remains Panjshir, northeast of Kabul, one of the smallest regions in the country in terms of area and population. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani said he left the country “to prevent the massacre.”

All land border crossings from Afghanistan are controlled by the Taliban. The evacuation of foreign personnel and Afghans working for foreign missions is carried out through the only airport in Kabul, which is held by the military of the United States and other NATO countries. The Taliban said they did not intend to provide Americans with an extension to evacuate US citizens after August 31.


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