The bright future of relations with the United States depends on goodwill – Kommersant

The future of Chinese-American relations will be “bright” thanks to mutual respect, good neighborly relations and mutually beneficial partnership, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi believes. As Mr. Wang said following the meeting of heads of state Xi Jinping and Joe Biden at the APEC summit in San Francisco, they reached consensus on more than 20 issues.

“We hope that both sides will be partners and will take active actions in accordance with a mutually beneficial agenda,” the diplomat is quoted as saying China Central Television.

According to Wang Yi, the parties reached consensus on more than 20 issues in the fields of politics, diplomacy, military cooperation, cultural exchange and others. “Some decisions were implemented before the meeting of the heads of state, and some were agreed upon during the meeting,” Wang Yi noted.

Mr. Wang emphasized that Joe Biden sent the Chinese leader a special invitation to the summit, “which is different from the invitation to bilateral meetings during the APEC period.” “The United States has specifically stated that this is a China-US summit,” Wang Yi said.

The diplomat noted that strengthening relations will not work if the United States conducts relations with China as a rival. “This is a fundamental issue and there can be no mistakes here,” the diplomat concluded.

According to the head of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, the meeting between the two leaders took four hours. The parties agreed to resume military cooperation and also developed a strategy to strengthen the partnership between the two countries. At the meeting, the Chinese President said that he expected the United States to lift the unilateral sanctions imposed earlier. After the meeting, US President Joe Biden said that he continues to consider the PRC leader a dictator.

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