The breakaway part of the house in Kerch finally collapsed

Federal News Agency
Federal News Agency

Part of the residential building on Suvorov Street in Kerch, which had previously split, finally collapsed. Information about this is reported by the correspondent of the Federal News Agency.

Columns and attached balconies were reported to have collapsed. Employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, as well as representatives of the local administration and the management company serving the MKD, promptly arrived at the scene of the incident.

In the near future, municipal services will begin to clean up the garbage. Employees of the management company were instructed to repair the roof, the integrity of which was not violated. Local officials assure that no threat is observed, and the house was not damaged.

“The territory was previously fenced due to the state of the extension, the house itself was not damaged, there is no threat to the lives of residents, people do not want to settle,” the Kerch administration said.

It is noteworthy that despite the presence of a giant crack and the subsequent collapse, this house was never recognized as emergency. Representatives of the administration of Kerch responded to the complaints of local residents.


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