The box office of the film “At the Pike’s Command” exceeded 1.2 billion rubles. based on the results of the second weekend

The film “At the Command of the Pike” became the leader in film distribution in the Russian Federation and the CIS for the second weekend in a row. In total, the Russian film has already collected 1.28 billion rubles, reported

Film distribution leaders November 2–5:

  • “At the behest of the pike” – 615 million rubles. (total – 1.28 billion rubles);
  • “The Man from Nowhere” – 47.7 million rubles;
  • “Five Nights with Freddy” (without Russia and Belarus) – 38.6 million rubles. (RUB 135.3 million);
  • “Lord of the Wind” – 34.9 million rubles. (RUB 466.6 million);
  • “Empresses” – 34.1 million rubles. (RUB 95.3 million).

Based on the results of the second weekend after the premiere, the film “At the Pike’s Command” collected about 600 million rubles, which is 47% more than in the first weekend. For comparison, “The Last Hero” collected 14% more revenue in its second weekend. In the entire history of Russian film distribution, only “Cheburashka”, “Slave” and “Upward Movement” had a big box office on the second weekend. All these films were shown during the New Year holidays. Outside the long New Year holidays, the best result was RUB 517 million. at The Lion King.

In total, Russian cinemas collected approximately 1 billion rubles over the weekend. Since the departure of Hollywood cinema, the best performance was only in the first three weekends of January.

About the leader of film distribution – in the Kommersant article “And our ovens are fast.”

Leonid Uvarchev

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