Video games are one of the best ways to relieve stress in conditions of self-isolation. But good projects usually cost good money.

Video games
Video games

However, the plus of the difficult time in which we live is that many companies do unusual things. Game developers are no exception. Some publishers and stores today have become generous and distribute games for free to support the fight against CoViD-19. We tell you where and how to get them for all relevant platforms: PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

Steam Aliens in Politics

On Steam, you can now pick up Generation Zero from valuable projects for free. This is a first-person shooter whose action takes place in an alternative universe. The year 1989. Sweden is captured by killer robots built after World War II.

The protagonist is a teenager who returned to his homeland immediately after the machine blitzkrieg. He joins the partisans. Together with them, he is destined to predetermine the fate of his compatriots. Generation Zero received mixed press ratings. The main strengths of the project are military mechanics and a rather rare visual style.

Survival shooter in Sweden can be picked up on Steam until May 4, inclusive.

Epic Games Store (EGS) and the classics of the genre

Steam’s main rival, EGS now offers Amnesia: The Dark Descent. This is an old but still scary and relevant horror. Its action takes place in an old castle, where the protagonist wakes up with amnesia. He collects fragments of his diary from the castle and restores the chronology of events. The more the hero learns about his imprisonment, the worse he becomes. And to be frightened, believe me, you have not only your own shadow.

Epic Games Store (EGS)
Epic Games Store (EGS)

Amnesia: The Dark Descent is one of the forerunners of the survival horror genre, whose role is in the defenselessness of the player. The only thing he can do with the impending danger is to run away from it or hide. You can’t hurt a nightmare. This alignment of forces powerfully pumps the atmosphere.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent can be picked up at EGS until May 7th.

French self-isolation from Ubisoft


PC owners should also visit the Ubisoft Play website. The largest French publisher also regularly removes price tags from his video games in support of the fight against CoViD-19. Ubisoft has already given away the colorful platformer Rayman Legends, the touching tale of Child of Light, and the second part of its popular Assassin’s Creed series. Right now, what a game is involved in the action – the multi-platform auto chess Might & Magic: Chess Royale, which even in normal times cost nothing. However, it is possible that soon it will be replaced by another title.

A magical journey with PlayStation

In a pandemic, the PlayStation launched a completely new program, Play At Home (“Play at Home”), which allows you to download some of your hits for free, which, although not the first freshness, are some of the best. For example, until May 6, the company distributes Journey and The Nathan Drake Collection.

Journey is a meditative adventure with superb art design and a completely cosmic soundtrack from Austin Wintory. For him, in 2013, the musician received a Grammy.

The journey is the first video game from which music has won the attention of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. But even without the soundtrack, Journey is an outstanding project. In 2012, the game received the highest ratings from the profile press, which became nonsense. Independent developers have never touched players and critics so much before.

The Nathan Drake Collection is a three-part collection of Uncharted that only adds value to the product. Uncharted is a series of licked blockbusters a la Indiana Jones.

But about a treasure hunter with a different name – Nathan Drake. Uncharted is one of the rare games that most PlayStation associates with, like the Mario series associated with Nintendo and Halo with the Xbox.

Xbox Offers Hard to Reject

By the way, about the Xbox. So far, from large projects on this platform, you can grab XCOM 2 for free, which we already wrote about. But! In addition to the strategy, a very advantageous offer will be activated on the Xbox very soon, which will not be criminally told.

Starting May 7th, Red Dead Redemption 2, the latest game from the developers of the iconic Grand Theft Auto, will enter the Game Pass library. We wrote more about it, including here. In short, then Red Dead Redemption 2 is the very game for which you can fork out for a Game Pass subscription. It will turn out to be more profitable than buying the game separately.

Recall, Game Pass is a kind of subscription that provides access to a large library (more than one hundred) of high-quality games. And both on the Xbox and on Windows.

Quarantine – it’s time to get acquainted with streaming

We think that it will not be out of place to mention the streaming service GeForce Now (GFN). To support people in self-isolation, he temporarily provides his services for free. To use the cloud platform, just create an account. Well, of course, you will need a more stable and fast Internet connection.

Recall that cloud gaming is when you can play demanding hardware games on a weak device (PC, laptop, smartphone). After all, the graphics are directly processed on remote servers, and the player receives only live video.

It is well known that the action with free access will last until the end of May.

Tanks vs CoViD-19

And self-isolation is a great reason to remember forgotten online games in which you stuck before. For greater attractiveness, the developers of many such projects are now showering players with profitable offers that are difficult to refuse. Take at least World of Tanks. The other day, the company celebrated its tenth anniversary, in honor of which it launched a series of nostalgic actions and special missions of five acts. Within the framework of the first, for example, Wargaming will return to the game the legendary general chat, in which representatives of all factions can exchange sharp phrases. In general, when and when to return to the long-forgotten WoT, it is best to do it today.


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