The Bank of Russia increased the limit of transfers abroad — EADaily, June 30, 2022 — Economic news, Russian News


    From July 1, Russian residents will be able to transfer up to $1 million per month or an equivalent amount in another foreign currency to their account in a foreign bank or to another person abroad.

    According to the Central Bank, individuals who are residents of countries that the Russian government considers friendly will be able to transfer the same amount. Previously, the limit was $150,000. The Bank of Russia said that it was decided to raise it “due to the stable situation in the domestic foreign exchange market.”

    Recall that in early March, the Central Bank limited the transfers of individuals abroad to the amount of $ 5,000 per month. The decision was made shortly after the start of the Russian military operation in Ukraine and the first Western retaliatory sanctions. Since April, the limit has been raised to $10,000, and from mid-May to $50,000. Since June 7, Russians and citizens from friendly countries have been able to transfer up to $150,000 per month from their accounts abroad. All non-residents were still able to transfer abroad the money they receive as a salary.

    It should be noted that the regulator retained the ban, introduced in April, on transfers abroad of funds of individuals and legal entities – non-residents from unfriendly countries from the accounts of Russian brokers.


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