The authorities will take over the noisy bars on the Tyumen Arbat

Christmas illumination.  Tyumen, Dzerzhinsky street, pedestrian boulevard, pedestrian street

Tyumen Mayor Ruslan Kuharuk promised to deal with the complaints of residents of Dzerzhinsky Street, which is popularly called the local Arbat. According to them, noisy companies constantly gather near bars and do not let them rest.

“The city administration, as well as social networks, receive requests from street residents about noise at night from visitors to public catering establishments that are located next to high-rise buildings. I instructed my deputy P.A. Vagin to hold a meeting with the police and the owners of the institutions and discuss changing the format or time of their work, as well as to be on duty on weekends in order to prevent violations of the rules of peace and quiet,” wrote Kukharuk in his telegram channel.

According to an insider URA.RU, the last straw was the celebration of the birthday of the Health bar. “They celebrated yesterday two years since the opening of the institution. Of course, a lot of people came. As a result, everyone was noisy and thundered until 6 in the morning, which, of course, did not please the residents of neighboring houses, ”he said.

Earlier, URA.RU reported that a company of drunken young people in a car decided to drive into Dzerzhinsky Street. As it turned out, the driver could not be immediately punished, since he had already been caught and was under arrest.


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