The authorities of the YaNAO told about the fate of the battalion, which they wanted to disband in the NVO zone

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Russian special operation in Ukraine

The Yamal battalion “Wolverine”, because of which the wives of servicemen sounded the alarm, will not be disbanded in the special operation zone. This was reported in the district department of civil protection and fire safety.

“The Wolverine Battalion will not be disbanded. By decision of the higher command, other units in the NVO zone are partially reinforced with personnel, ”the department said.

Marina, one of the wives of the mobilized, told the agency’s correspondent that the situation changed after representatives of the authorities spoke to the Yamal residents. According to the interlocutor of the agency, the current situation suits the fighters from the Wolverine battalion. “The husband said that in several exits with experienced fighters, they learned a lot. Everything suits him in the current situation. There is no more talk of disbanding, ”she said.

Earlier, the wives of servicemen told URA.RU that they were worried about the fate of the Yamal battalion. Women sounded the alarm due to the fact that the composition of the “Wolverine” will be disbanded.

Starny President Vladimir Putin announced the start of the special operation a year ago, on February 24. He stressed that the main goal is to protect civilians living in the territory of Donbass.


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