The authorities of the protest Perm city closed the road for the opposition to the local Duma

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At a meeting of the Tchaikovsky Duma on March 2, the deputies changed the procedure for their own election. Instead of eight multi-member constituencies, there will be 25 single-member constituencies. This was reported on the page of the administration of Tchaikovsky in the social network “VKontakte”. The previous system was used by the opposition, which, thanks to it, gained a majority in the Duma in 2018.

“Changes have been made to the Charter of the Tchaikovsky District regarding the formation of constituencies. Multi-member constituencies have been replaced by single-member constituencies. This means that one people’s choice will be assigned to each district,” the message says. According to the mayor’s office, as a result of the change in the system, “the personal responsibility of the deputies to the voters will increase.”

According to a source in Tchaikovsky’s political elites, the new scheme of constituencies, which will be prepared by the local TEC, will be presented to deputies 80 days before the elections. Elections will be held on a single voting day on 10 September.

URA.RU reported in January that multi-member constituencies would be abolished in Chaikovsky. Due to difficulties with the administration of this system in 2018, the alliance of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and the Liberal Democratic Party won the majority in the Duma, which almost disrupted the competition for the election of the head. The regional authorities have already begun consultations with local industrialists on the new composition of the Duma.


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