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The authorities of the Amur region allowed to transport goods to China on a new bridge across the Amur free of charge until August


Until August, cargo transportation on the cross-border bridge across the Amur Blagoveshchensk-Heihe will be free, reported press service of the government of the Amur region on Tuesday, June 14. During this time, it is planned to test the organization of the movement and work out the algorithms of all departments.

During the first days of operation of the bridge, June 11-13, 15 freight vehicles passed through it. In the future, the passage of 190 vehicles per day is expected, and then more than 600 vehicles. Now at the point “Kanikurgan” a 16-hour operating mode has been established: from 8:00 to midnight local time. With an increase in cargo turnover, the bridge will be able to operate around the clock.

According to the governor of the region Vasily Orlov, due to covid restrictions in the territory, movement on the bridge is still carried out only by Russian vehicles. As the epidemiological situation stabilizes in China, cars from the neighboring side will also appear.

A special digital portal has been created for shippers and carriers. Payment is collected on each side only at check-out. The fare for one truck in Russia and China is the same – about 9 thousand rubles. in equivalent. At the same time, cash, cashless payments and contactless payment are provided for carriers.

As Kommersant reported, traffic on the bridge across the Amur to China was opened on June 10, two years after its construction. The cross-border bridge Blagoveshchensk-Heihe was built according to the concession model. On June 5, 2016, a concession agreement was signed in Harbin, according to which the bridge was built at the expense of non-budgetary sources. The parties created a joint Russian-Chinese concession company, the grantors of which were the government of the Amur Region and the people’s government of Heilongjiang Province. As a result, the facility cost over 19 billion rubles, of which 14 billion rubles. spent by the Russian side. According to experts, the investment will pay off within 16 years. The construction of the bridge began on December 24, 2016, it was carried out in parallel by specialists from both countries. The length of the bridge is 1080 m, and each of the parties built exactly half – 540 m each. The total length of the bridge crossing is 20 km.

More news in Telegram channel “Kommersant”.

Elena Pavlova, Blagoveshchensk



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