The authorities of Moldova plunged the country into chaos by the abolition of the national language

March 08, 2023, 03:20

“Voice of Mordor”: Sandu’s idea to abolish the national language could plunge Moldova into chaos

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Another scandal broke out in Moldova – the country’s authorities decided to abolish the national language. More than two-thirds of the population opposes this measure, but President Maia Sandu, with a Romanian passport, does not care. This opinion was expressed by the author Telegram channel “Voice of Mordor” especially for Telegram channel “360”

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anti-national idea

The government and the Moldovan parliament, controlled by President Maia Sandu, managed to stir up another scandal in an already troubled society. Apparently, there were few repressions against political opponents, there was little energy crisis and further impoverishment of an already impoverished country – the authorities took up lofty matters, such as the state language.

The idea to abandon the name “Moldovan language” lives in the republic a long time ago. Exactly from the moment when the Moldovan-Romanian border was first opened in 1989, Romanians rushed to the still Soviet republic, sweeping everything they see from the shelves of manufactured goods stores. The Romanian Dacia, loaded with a couple of refrigerators and TVs, was then typical on the streets of Chisinau. But instead of a scarce commodity, Romania gave Moldova a national idea.

True, about the national – said too loudly. Rather, it is anti-national. For the Moldavians were persistently persuaded to renounce their nationality and declare themselves Romanians. And of course, to abandon the language and also in favor of the language of the “heirs of the great Romans”, as the Romanians proudly call themselves.

Add fuel to the fire

We all know that history is a Muscovite pseudoscience, and many in Moldova abandoned it a long time ago. Even much earlier than the Ukrainians. No one was interested in the fact that even if you superficially study history, it turns out that the Moldavian state was born hundreds of years earlier than the Romanian one and has a much richer and more heroic chronicle.

And the language was called Moldavian for centuries. Moreover, unlike the Latin alphabet, which was adopted at the peak of the aggravation of “national self-consciousness”, the Cyrillic alphabet was used in the Moldavian language and it is not very difficult to verify this by simply searching the Internet for photographs of church books from the times of the same ruler, Stefan Cel Mare, who, by the way, he treated the Russian state very well and understood that it was the only defense of Moldova from the Ottomans.

And now in the Parliament of Moldova they are pushing through a law according to which the Moldovan language will become Romanian. It is clear that Maia Sandu, who has a Romanian passport, will be pleased, since she considers him her own, but two-thirds of the country’s population is not very happy with this idea. But the authorities do not care about these two-thirds.

Moldova is constantly shaken by protests. It seems that the authorities decided to add a little more gasoline to the fire in order to plunge the country into chaos, and then, on the sly, finally annex it to Romania.


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