The authorities in Perm have allowed the territory of the bakery to be developed with housing

Sibur-Khimprom plant.  Perm, high-rise building, construction site, housing construction, crane

The authorities of the Perm region have allowed residential development on part of the territory of the former bakery No. 1 in Perm. Now a subzone with a height of 11 floors has been installed there.

“The government of the Perm region published a resolution on changing the zoning on part of the territory of the former bakery No. 1 on the street. Okulova, 73a. In particular, the city regulations for the local service and business activity zone C-2 will be supplemented with a subzone with a height of 11 floors. Housing construction is planned on it.” – Kommersant-Prikamye reports. Previously, the mayor’s office submitted an application to change the zoning, which was approved by the commission on land use and development rules.

Previously, the Perm City Hall, due to legal requirements, divided the territory of the first bakery complex into two parts. On one part there is the factory building itself, which can only be privatized through a competition with the obligatory requirement to preserve the cultural heritage monument that is the bakery. The other part can be privatized at auction with subsequent development of housing.


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