The authorities are looking for growth points for the Russian economy

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The Russian authorities are looking for incentives for the development of the economy of the Siberian and Far Eastern regions. To this end, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin went on a working visit to Altai, Yakutia and the Trans-Baikal Territory on August 12. Experts explained to URA.RU that they intend to use the capabilities and achievements of these authorities to build cooperation with partners in the Asia-Pacific region.

Mishustin has been preparing for this trip since the beginning of the month. On August 1, at a meeting with deputy prime ministers, he announced the creation of the Main Directorate of the Northern Sea Route, which will also be responsible for ensuring northern delivery to the Arctic and the Far East. On August 4, at a government meeting, the prime minister raised the topic of raising the living standards of the Far East. On August 9, at a meeting with the head of the Corporation for the Development of the Far East and the Arctic, Nikolai Zapryagaev, Mishustin instructed to intensify the attraction of investments for new projects, including social ones.

Speech by Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin at the superfinal of the Leaders of Russia management competition.  Moscow

Mishustin will visit the Republic of Altai, the Trans-Baikal Territory and Yakutia
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At a meeting with Zapryagaev, the head of government announced a working trip. “I am going to the Far East again, I will be in a number of regions to discuss the most pressing issues for residents and businesses on the ground. I am going to hold a meeting before my trip to the Far East on how we are implementing the national project Tourism, among other things,” the prime minister shared his plans.

The head of government went on a five-day trip to Siberia and the Far East in 2022 for the first time, this is Mishustin’s second business trip in the status of prime minister to the Far Eastern Federal District. Prior to that, in July 2021, he visited Sakhalin, the Khabarovsk Territory and the Irkutsk Region.

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Russian authorities are looking for footholds for the development of the economy of remote regions, experts say
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During a visit to the Altai Republic in March 2021, Mishustin gave instructions on the construction of infrastructure facilities in the tourism sector. The prime minister will visit Chita and Yakutsk for the first time. The problem of forest fires has become aggravated in Yakutsk, and a number of significant projects, such as the Lensky Bridge, are in limbo. In Chita, the head of government plans to discuss with local authorities the expansion of the boundaries of the territory of advanced development “Transbaikalia”.

The Russian government is preparing for the Eastern Economic Forum in order to show the achievements and opportunities of these territories to the countries of the Asia-Pacific world, Nikita Maslennikov, leading expert of the Center for Political Technologies, comments on the Prime Minister’s trip. “VEB is expected to have a wide representation of foreign partners.

We will show the big Pacific world positive aspects on which intensive cooperation can be built,” the expert summed up.

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Siberia and the Far East are a link between Russia and Asian countries, experts say
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Siberia and the Far East deserve special attention of the authorities, as they are links with Mongolia and China, believes Dmitry Solonnikov, director of the Institute for Contemporary State Development. “There is a lot of talk about Siberia in terms of building new cities, infrastructural and social facilities, developing industry to retain the population, which is actively moving to other parts of the country. In addition, the region is an important transport component of Russia,” the expert added.

The prime minister is going to raise the regional economy, Dmitry Zhuravlev, scientific director of the Institute of Regional Problems, believes. “Gorno-Altaisk and Chita are economically incomprehensible. What can be done to make them develop automatically?

Need an idea. In Yakutia, everything is fine with ideas, but there is not enough money to implement them. For example, the question of building a railway from Magadan through Yakutia to the West has long been raised. And the Lensky Bridge project is not being implemented in any way, ”the political scientist drowned.

The authorities have set a course to stimulate the development of these regions, said Petr Kiryan, head of the social research laboratory at the Institute of Regional Problems. “One of the hot topics for the government today is the labor market and the state of the regional economy. In this context, there is a search for drive belts that can intensify economic activity,” the source added.

Mishustin’s trips around the country are an important part of his managerial style, Vitaly Ivanov, an expert on regional politics, is sure. “The prime minister has been touring the country for a long time. Apparently, he set the task – to visit all the regions, to get to know everyone. This is a managerial tactic. Mishustin emphasizes that he is not a Moscow cabinet leader, and is in constant contact with the regions, he wants to see everything with his own eyes and touch it with his hands, ”the expert concluded.

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