The Austrian government will conduct human rights courses in the house where Adolf Hitler was born

The building in the Austrian city of Braunau am Inn, where Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889, is planned to be used as a building for advanced training courses for police officers, reports the BBC.

Adolf Gitler spent only a few months in the house after birth, but he still receives a lot of attention. The government rented the building for a long time and used it to house a charity that helped people with special needs.

Austrian authorities purchased the house in 2016 after five years of wrangling with the owners. The Austrian leadership bought the building forcibly for 800 thousand euros. Later, the court ordered the authorities to pay another 1.5 million euros to the former owner of the house.

“For the sake of peace, freedom and democracy. Fascism must not be repeated. Millions of dead are warning,” reads the inscription on a stone installed near the house from the quarry of the Nazi concentration camp Mauthausen.

The government plans to use the building for police training. There will be courses on human rights in the house.

Earlier it was reported that the declassified data of the Reich Chancellery about the last days of the Fuhrer Adolf Hitler were published by the Federal Security Service of Russia.


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