The attackers on the family in New Moscow called the victim the initiator of the conflict

MOSCOW, 7 Nov – Four men accused of attacking a man with a child in Novye Vatutinki call the victim the initiator of the conflict, said Roman Masyutenko, a lawyer for one of the young men.
“They do not admit their guilt and consider themselves the same victims. Because they were also hit, and we still claim that the provocateur of this conflict was the injured party,” said the defender.
The lawyer added that during the confrontation the victim behaved “aggressively, even had to calm down” in order to prevent a conflict in the investigator’s office.
Earlier, the Ministry of Internal Affairs reported that the police began checking after a video appeared on the Internet with an attack by four men on a father and a child in New Moscow. Initially, a criminal case was initiated on hooliganism, but later the chairman of the RF IC, Alexander Bastrykin, instructed the head of the capital’s headquarters to re-qualify the actions of those who attacked a man with a child for a more serious article – attempted murder.

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