The Armed Forces of Ukraine are sending “improvised” infantry fighting vehicles to the front due to a lack of equipment

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Russian special operation in Ukraine

The Ukrainian Armed Forces have developed an “improvised” infantry fighting vehicle, the BMP-1LB, due to a shortage of armed equipment at the front. Journalist David Ax, specializing in materials on the topic of weapons, wrote about this.

“To compensate for the insufficient supply of infantry fighting vehicles to the front, the Ukrainian Armed Forces developed an improvised BMP-1LB,” David Ax emphasized in material for Forbes. According to him, this technique has a number of serious disadvantages. Additional armor makes the vehicle clumsy; these infantry fighting vehicles also have only one machine gun. “It’s useless if it’s jammed,” Ax added.

Western countries are actively supplying equipment to Ukraine. Nevertheless, the Ukrainian Armed Forces are losing it en masse in battles with Russian soldiers, and therefore the Ukrainian forces have to economize. The head of Ukrainian intelligence, Kirill Budanov, emphasized that the supplied Abrams tanks will be used only in special operations due to a lack of equipment. Russian military correspondents wrote that the Ukrainian Armed Forces travel to the front on a tractor.


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