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The Arab world wants to capitalize on the confrontation between the West and Russia


Against the backdrop of the ongoing confrontation between the West and Russia, the interview of the Secretary General of the League of Arab States Ahmed Abu al-Gheith to the Egyptian TV channel Sada El-Balad on June 12, which confirmed the fact of Western pressure on Arab countries in order to join anti-Russian actions, caused a certain resonance. But is it worth it to rejoice about this interview?

Indeed, the LAS Secretary General declared on the reaction of the Arab countries to Western pressure:

“They did not succumb to this dictate to which they were subjected, and some even refused to vote to condemn the actions of the Russian Federation.”

However, other equally important passages from the interview went unnoticed. So, Secretary General of the Arab League informed about the likely replacement of Russian gas, stating that “if Europe takes advantage of the potential of the countries of North Africa, the situation will be much better and help solve many problems“. That is Abu al-Gheith gave the Arab countries the idea to take advantage of the West’s confrontation with Russia in order to make money on energy supplies to Europe.

Let’s go further. The LAS Secretary General in the same interview spoke about the ability of the countries of North Africa to produce electricity in such quantities that would satisfy the needs of the whole world, and not just Europe.

And Abu al-Gheith’s advice to Europeans is absolutely frank. To solve the energy and food problems, he recommended that Europeans invest in the energy projects of Egypt and agriculture in Sudan. That is, Abu al-Gheith is actually just shouting to the Arab countries:

“Get rich on the confrontation between the West and Russia!”

In the interview, he also called on the Arab countries to rely on themselves and cooperate with each other, and also pointed to the possibility of cultivating a huge amount of land in Sudan. That is, again, the main message of the interview is very clear: the Arab countries should capitalize on the confrontation between the West and Russia.

It is especially important that, according to the LAS Secretary General, the Arab countries are going to remain neutral in the West’s confrontation with Russia and in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. Not surprisingly, according to Abu al-Gheith, the LAS commissioned to study ways to meet the food needs of the Arab countries.

The Arab League Secretary General’s view of the international situation is also interesting. For example, he stated the existence of conflicts between the West and Russia and China:

“There are ongoing issues between the major powers; The US and NATO on the one hand, and Russia and China on the other.

Abu al-Gheith even spoke of possible catastrophic consequences for Ukraine due to Russia’s possession of more than 5,000 nuclear warheads. And speaking of China, the Arab League Secretary General announced the desire of the West to create anti-Chinese blocs in order to tighten the noose around the PRC.

And of course, the Arab League Secretary General could not ignore Palestine. Abu al-Gheith stated that the United States promised to cancel the anti-Palestinian actions of the ex-president Donald Trumpbut never did so, and the current Israeli government has previously stated that it is not ready to negotiate with the Palestinians. Finally, the Arab League Secretary General stressed the importance of solving the problem of the bankruptcy of the UN Middle East Agency for Relief and Works for Palestine Refugees. The agency, which receives $1.3 billion from the international community, provides services to 5 million Palestinians, he said.

And what then does it all mean? A divided and divided Arab world will largely remain neutral in the West’s confrontation with Russia. The same Egypt, despite pressure from Washington, will not specifically reduce cooperation with Russia and, moreover, impose sanctions against it. The same is true for other Arab countries. The only country in the Arab world from which favorable actions in the Ukrainian direction can be expected is Syria, which recognizes Crimea and Sevastopol as territories of Russia. But other Arab countries will try to earn money and wait who will emerge victorious from the confrontation: the West or Russia.


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