California lawmaker Lorena González sent Elona Musk to hell, but the Twitter audience did not support her.“To hell with Elona Musk,” she wrote on Saturday evening after the entrepreneur announced her intention to transfer the company’s headquarters and production from California to Nevada.

Musk previously criticized Alamida County authorities who did not allow the plant to resume operation in Fremont because of the coronavirus, despite the fact that the state leadership had previously allowed industries in some parts of the state to resume work from Friday, and said he was suing them.

Twitter followers immediately criticized Gonzalez.”A local official drives the second-largest exporter in the state and the largest producer even more, because he correctly pointed out the contradictory nature of the Alameda County decree,” a JPB user wrote.

Elon Musk may turn out to be a Russian intelligence officer, the expert suggested“I am of Latin descent, and your expressions are extremely disgusting to me. It says a lot about you,” writes uli.

People told Gonzalez that with Tesla leaving the state, many would lose their jobs and the budget would not receive taxes.”California subsidized a lot of companies that always disrespect workers’ safety and well-being. Engaged in attacks on unions and harassed public servants. I might have expressed my disappointment in a less aggressive way. But, of course, then no one would care. if I tweeted it, “Gonzalez wrote in excuse.

However, this did not convince anyone, she was accused of lying and reminded that California at the same time was leading in the amount of income taxes. Many expressed the view that with such statements she would bury her political career.

Meanwhile, on Sunday, Tesla announced the resumption of work at the plant in Fremont, despite the disagreement of local authorities.


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