The American journalist came to the conclusion that Russia suffered the sanctions better than expected

FBA “Economy Today”

American journalist David McHugh concluded that Russia weathered Western sanctions better than expected. He noted that the lives of ordinary citizens have not changed much compared to the period before the special operation.

In an article for The Associated Press, the journalist stressed that there is no mass unemployment in Russia, the ruble has not fallen, and there are no queues at banks. The store shelves are not empty, and the place of the Western brands that have left has been replaced by domestic ones.

“The Russian economy has weathered the unprecedented Western economic sanctions much better than expected. But with the final tightening of restrictions on the Kremlin’s main source of income – oil – the coming months will be an even tougher test for President Vladimir Putin,” McHugh wrote.

According to the journalist’s sources, Russia has financial reserves that have not been affected by the sanctions. They are unlikely to be empty in 2023. Earlier, the French observer also recognized Russia’s resistance to US and EU sanctions, reports RT.


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