The Algerian army conducted military exercises with the participation of armored units

Global Look Press |  Zinedine Zebar/
Global Look Press | Zinedine Zebar/

Algiers, 10 May. The forces of the Algerian army conducted military exercises with live ammunition, in which armored units and air forces participated, Arab media write.

The ANDR Chief of Staff, Lieutenant General Said Chengrykha, was present during the training, which was carried out in the southern operational sector in Tindouf. During the event, the detachments demonstrated their competence and ability to timely perform various tasks assigned to them.

“The exercises were conducted by units of the 9th Armored Brigade, with ground and air forces providing fire support to the forces conducting the training, including the participation of fire support helicopters,” the ministry said in a statement.

Notably, the Algerian army ranks as the 25th most costly armed force in the world, with a defense budget estimated at $9.9 billion.

Earlier, the President of the ANDR, Abdelmajid Tebbun, spoke about the benefits of joining his state to the BRICS.


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