The agronomist told how to properly care for beds with strawberries after harvesting

It is necessary to take care of a bed with strawberries even after harvesting, cutting off all leaves and stems damaged by pests and diseases. About this channel “360” told the agronomist Ilya at the festival “Cheese! Feast! Peace!”.

“It is necessary to collect a bunch of strawberries in your hand and cut it with scissors or secateurs. At the same time, you need to leave shoots about five to seven centimeters long. You can also cut off the mustache, but only if you do not plan to propagate strawberries with a mustache,” he said.

According to the expert, each leaf has a certain life span, at the end of which it ceases to supply the plant with the necessary substances, so it is important to cut them off. He added that at a certain point they will only begin to accumulate diseases and pests.

In addition, when new leaves begin to grow, they will help lay flower buds for the next year. The agronomist emphasizes that the more they grow, the more berries there will be next year. In this case, pruning of leaves can be carried out in all bushes.

“The most important thing is to have time to cut the bushes before the onset of permanent frosts. All cut leaves can be sent to the compost if they are not damaged in any way. If they have dots and red spots, then this is a fungal disease. In this case, they need to be burned,” the expert specified.

The agronomist also advised to treat new leaves and soil under the bushes with special preparations, for example, fontazole, profit gold and others of the kind. Also, after cutting the leaves, you need to water the bed abundantly and supply the soil with water-soluble fertilizers.

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