The administration of the club in Kazan promised to fire the security guards for refusing to let SVO fighters in

The restaurant and nightclub in Kazan “MЁD kitchen” offered its “deepest apologies” to members of the Alga volunteer battalion who wanted to enter the establishment, but were not allowed in by security due to non-compliance with the dress code. The administration of the establishment promised to fire employees who did not allow people in military uniform to enter.

“We have great respect for everyone who fights for our country. You protect the peace of mind for us and our children. Please, let’s stop this conflict, we promise to sort out all the issues that hurt the honor of the military guys,” the message says. message club on social networks. The club administration wishes to “talk personally with the participants in this incident in order to apologize in a live dialogue.”

Earlier today, Telegram channels distributed videos where men in camouflage were denied entry to the MЁD kitchen clubs, the Smoky restaurant and the Happy people cafe. The events themselves happened October 21. Reports said the fighters were restrained and sober, showing their medals. At the face control of the establishments, they were told that there was a dress code: a military uniform was equal to a sports uniform.

The Kazan mayor’s office stated that there is “no legal reason for refusing to visit the club in military uniform,” and therefore officials promised to contact the owners of the establishments about this. “Law enforcement agencies, we are confident, will give a legal assessment to the actions of their representatives,” it says message city ​​hall.

Kirill Antonov, Kazan

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