The activities of the “Forum of Free Peoples of Post-Russia” in the Russian Federation were recognized as undesirable

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The activities of the Polish non-governmental organization (NGO) Free Nations of PostRussia Forum (“Forum of the Free Peoples of Post-Russia”) in Russia were recognized as undesirable. This decision of the Prosecutor General’s Office is reported on the department’s website.

It is clarified that the work of the NGO poses a threat to the foundations of the constitutional order and the security of the country, and its leaders, who are citizens of foreign states and permanently reside in Lithuania, Great Britain and the Czech Republic, call for the violation of the territorial integrity of the Russian Federation, come out with separatist slogans. Such a conclusion was made in the Prosecutor General’s Office based on the results of studying the materials received.

“The leaders of ethno-separatist movements and foreign speakers, who are characterized by a pronounced anti-Russian attitude, implemented in systemic Russophobic propaganda activities, act as permanent experts at the sessions of the Forum,” the publication says.

In addition, the department added, Forum conducts its activities, including by posting fakes about the special operation on the Internet, in connection with which Roskomnadzor has already restricted access to the NGO website.

Previously, Parlamentskaya Gazeta looked into which publications on the Internet could be subject to administrative or criminal penalties, against the backdrop of reports in the media that allegedly you could get a fine for actively linking to materials from undesirable organizations. There are also more serious violations for which they are punished without warning.

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