The activist demanded an answer from the head of the Azerbaijani diaspora for the shooting at the Greenwich shopping center. Video

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Foreign diasporas in Yekaterinburg have turned into a tool for making money and have ceased to control their fellow countrymen. This statement was made by social activist Dmitry Chukreev, demanding an answer from the leader of the Azerbaijani diaspora in the Ural Federal District, Shahin Shikhlinsky, after the shooting of foreigners in the Greenwich shopping center.

“The shooting in Greenwich was another clear example of how diasporas do not control their fellow countrymen, but have turned into a tool for making money. The leader of the Azerbaijani diaspora in the Urals Federal District, Shahin Shikhlinski, is always in the spotlight when he needs to resolve his business interests, but as soon as people from Azerbaijan get into criminal reports, he goes into the shadows. Excuse me Shahin Mutvalievich, speak out too,” Dmitry Chukrev wrote on his page on the VKontakte social network.

The Sverdlovsk activist noted that he had not spoken out for a long time, but the latest situation in the Greenwich shopping center became the starting point. “Every patience has its limit. I’m now talking about the chaos that migrants regularly cause in Yekaterinburg,” explained Chukreev.

On the evening of November 26, a shootout occurred at the Greenwich shopping center. According to the unofficial version, the conflict began due to the fact that the Azerbaijanis Allahverdiyev and Khalilov did not share a place in the corridor. The head of the Investigative Committee, Alexander Bastrykin, became involved in the shooting case. The Leninsky District Court sent both men to pre-trial detention until January 24.

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