The єDopomoga platform has suspended accepting applications for payments from international organizations

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On the єHelp platform, the collection of applications for the payment of assistance to Ukrainians from international organizations is temporarily suspended.

According to Ukrinform, this is reported by Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine.

“Currently, more than 10 million applications have been submitted by citizens of Ukraine, in connection with which the collection of applications on the Dopomoga platform is temporarily suspended for their detailed processing and transfer, upon request, to international organizations for further payment,” the message says.

The Ministry of Social Policy assured that they are making every effort to increase the number of international organizations that can provide financial assistance to Ukrainians affected by the war, because the resources of international organizations are limited.

After confirming the readiness of financial support from international organizations, the acceptance of applications will be resumed.

Ukrainians who made mistakes in previously submitted applications can re-register them through the єDopomoga platform. To do this, you need to click “Check the status of the application”, fill in personal data and check the status – if necessary, select the action “Withdraw and submit a new application”.

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The Ministry of Social Policy reminds that the decision to provide assistance to the relevant category of the population and the amount of payments is made by international organizations. Priority is given to the unprotected segments of the population with social statuses: a person with a disability, a pensioner, a single mother or father, a large family, a recipient of assistance to low-income families, in particular internally displaced persons.

The Ministry of Social Policy verifies the applicant’s data using state information registers and databases, which allows obtaining verified information about the person.

As reported, in March, the Ministry of Social Policy created the Dopomoga platform, which ensures the prompt collection of applications from all regions of Ukraine regarding the needs for humanitarian assistance, as well as targeted distribution. The platform brings together the capabilities and resources of the state, business, public organizations, charitable foundations and volunteers in providing humanitarian assistance to war victims, internally displaced persons and people from vulnerable categories.

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