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Texas Governor Seeks Biden – Declare Drug Smuggler Gangs as Terrorist Organizations

Texas State Governor Greg Abbott has asked President Joe Biden to declare drug trafficking gangs in Mexico a foreign terrorist organization. The governor said that these gangs thrive on the suffering and enslavement of immigrants.

The governor wrote a letter to US President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris on Thursday, saying that these gangs deserve to be included in the list of foreign terrorist organizations. The letter also gives information about how these gangs work.

“As the governor of Texas, I ask you to take immediate steps to deal with the dangerous and deadly gangs of drug traffickers in Mexico,” the letter said.

He said, “These gangs spread fear in our community. They smuggle drugs and weapons in America to raise money for their illegal business. They push women and children into human trafficking and body trade and thrive on the suffering and enslavement of immigrants. They kill innocent people, including women and children. “

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