Tenants of Los Carrera de Osorno street denounce annoyance for repeated criminal acts

 Tenants of Los Carrera street in Osorno denounce annoyance for repeated criminal acts

Tenants of commercial stores on Los Carrera de Osorno street denounce annoyance for repeated criminal acts in the area.

A merchant on Los Carrera street, in the downtown area of ​​Osorno, decided to express his annoyance over repetitive criminal acts of which he has been a victim and also other nearby premises.

Miguel has a business with his brother, and accused that he already faces repeated robberies.

He regretted that it is a repetitive situation and where, despite being the central radius of the commune, what is believed is considers a false sense of security understanding the surveillance of Carabineros.

For the tenant, the issue of crime must be addressed in greater detail, understanding that the act of antisocial in broad daylight; analysis that must be carried out with all the actors involved.

From the First Carabineros Police Station, with jurisdiction in the downtown area, Major Carlos Reyes said that several aspects must be addressed, without removing the relevance of the complaint raised.

He started indicating that according to the calendar special dates, the occurrence of crime increases, and there are studies on this.

Reyes added that it is important to formalize the complaint, since it identifies the occurrence of a robbery, a theft, robbery or other criminal figure leading to outline action plans.

The manager of the first police station, indicated that both the concern raised and the complaint are accepted, and in turn reiterated the need to formalize complaints and contact the unit, since this allows defining responses to the demand for public security with the effectiveness that carries the information provided.

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