Ten cases of Legionnaires’ disease found in Spain, two have died


In the Spanish city of Cáceres in the autonomous community of Extremadura, ten cases of infection with the dangerous disease legionellosis, or “legionnaires’ disease,” were registered, two patients died. About it informs newspaper Mundo, citing the local health service.

“Patients have been admitted to the San Pedro de Alcantara hospital in Cáceres with respiratory problems, two more positive cases have been detected in the last few hours in addition to the seven previously reported. In addition, we must add another positive case – a patient who was admitted to the hospital after the onset of symptoms since August 3,” stated in the material.

At the same time, out of ten cases, six remain in the hospital, two were discharged, and two more died. Among them: a 54-year-old woman and a 70-year-old man, both with advanced cancer.

Most cases of infection occur in the San Jorge area, where the sick people lived or worked. However, according to local authorities, there is no talk of an outbreak of legionellosis, since there is no epidemiological link between cases of infection, and there is no threat to public health.


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