Telangana’s Dharani Portal: Revolutionary or Red-tape Nightmare?


The Dharani Portal has been the latest flashpoint in the conflict between the ruling and the opposition Bharat Rashtra Samithi And the opposition Congress In Telangana. The Portal, which provides land registration and services for mutation, is sometimes under fire.

In In fact, senior citizens are more likely to be able to afford senior Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi Was in Telangana As part of Bharat Jodo YatraHe had previously promised to overhaul the portal if his party won the election. At The current session of the Telangana legislative assembly, Congress MLA D Sridhar Babu The portal, it was claimed, had left thousands upon thousands of landowners and farmers in dire straits. He BRS was blamed for failing to take corrective actions.

Responding To his criticism, MAUD Minister K Taraka Rama Rao That is what we did. Dharani This was a groundbreaking initiative that made land registration as simple as 20 minutes.

“After the formation of Telangana in 2014, 30 lakh property documents were registered in six years before the launch of Dharani. In the last two years of Dharani’s launch, 24 lakh documents were registered that proves its success,” Rao said.

Dharani It was created in 2020 as a one-stop solution for land-related problems. Earlier, people had to go to the sub-registrar’s offices, which are located in 141 locations, for land registration. With Dharani, registration is now at the citizen’s doorstep and can be done in 574 mandal headquarters.

EarlierAfter registration, people were required to run from one pillar to the next in order to obtain a mutation of their land in revenue records. NowMutation can be done instantly and SMS-based e-pattadar passbooks send within seconds, while physical pattadar passbooks containing 18 security features are sent by post within one week.

After Dharani’s launch, opposition parties have repeatedly pointed out that the portal was being used as a land-grabbing tool. They They claim that the system was riddled with errors and that farmers were the ones who suffered.

Recently, BJP Huzurabad MLA Eatela Rajender Requested workers to collect applications of farmers who are having problems because of discrepancies Dharani portal. YSRTP chief YS SharmilaShe also voiced her opposition to the portal, pointing out that many district farmers were having problems with it. Over She claimed that 22,000 acres had been denied for claims.

“Land record digitisation is a welcome move, but it has been conceptualised in the wrong manner by the BRS government. Instead of keeping the rights to land with the citizens, the BRS has ensured that power lies in the hands of a few. Unless they bring in a mechanism to prevent the manipulation of land records by a handful of powerful people, there is no use of such a portal,” Congress Join us Kota Neelima Submitted News18.

She added: “Dharani also denies land rights to tenant farmers. They are not recognised by the Telangana government, but they are the ones toiling over the land. They are the real cultivators. This government only recognises those who have the money to buy land. Third, there is no robust grievance redress in place. The process to get inaccuracies fixed is expensive and extensive.”

According RTI activist has access to the data Robin ZaccheusYou can also see it here August The portal has received 8, 2022, 7,485 grievances relating to land issues. Nizamabad district. During the same period, 1,938 grievances regarding land acquisition by the government were received in the district.

ZaccheusSocial activist, Jeremy, pointed out some obvious loopholes in this portal. “People who are not tech-savvy often approach me regarding the Dharani portal. What I found is that the data in the portal is often inaccurate. In the data I accessed about Nizamabad district, you can see there are 946 requests for passbook data correction. It means that the size of land and other details are reflected wrongly in the portal,” He said.

He added: “One of the most glaring loopholes is that anyone can apply for mutation of a land without KYC documents. Upon such an application, the land is pushed to the ‘pending mutation’ status. This can be done by anyone who wants to put that land the subject of litigation. Even the landowner will not be made aware of this development. This also pushes away genuine buyers from that particular piece of land. Lastly, there is no proper mechanism to address this. If you go to the collector, they will tell you they cannot change the data and so on. It’s a red tape nightmare for citizens.”

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