Teenagers who staged a fight with hammers at a school in Chelyabinsk stood up for a friend

Teenagers who staged a mass brawl at a school in Chelyabinsk with two natives of Tajikistan wanted to stand up for their friend, whom they regularly mocked. This was reported by the source of Life.

Young people who are fond of the ideology of skinheads position themselves as antifa, that is, they oppose interethnic conflicts. According to them, they only wanted to stand up for a friend who was offended by two students. In addition, other students were subjected to bullying.

As a result, one of the students is now in the neurosurgery department with a traumatic brain injury and concussion. With the same diagnosis, his friend, a ninth-grader, also ended up in the hospital. Another victim was treated by paramedics on the spot, he is recovering from bruises at home.

Currently, law enforcement officers are checking the beaten teenager and his friends for “illegal actions on the territory of one of the districts of Chelyabinsk.” According to preliminary data, they were engaged in “gop-stop” and insulted their peers. Because of this, a fight broke out on the school grounds.

Now there are seven participants in the fight under house arrest, and another adult is in jail. All detainees are between 14 and 18 years old, mostly schoolchildren and first-year students from the College of Entrepreneurship and Industry Technologies, as well as the “Commitent”. In the closet where they gathered, they found a Pioneer aerosol gun, a Baikal-512 air rifle and hammers. In addition, according to our information, more than 150,000 rubles were collected for lawyers for the detained participants in the mass brawl.

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