Teacher Babaeva: every year during the period of passing the exam, Russia loses 500 children in suicides

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Representatives of public organizations explained on the air of the press center of the media group “Patriot”why they consider abortion propaganda part of the hybrid war of the West against the Russian Federation.

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin issued Decree No. 358, which allows taking into account the maximum number of factors, phenomena and processes that pose a threat to the life and health of children, and determines the appropriate regulatory functions of public authorities aimed at eliminating such threats. Director of the Autonomous non-profit organization for the social and legal support of families with children and child protection “We are FOR change” Hope Zhilina proposed to consider this document in a demographic context, namely, to see what guarantees it gives to protect the life of Russians from the moment of conception to old age.

Teacher, creator of groups working according to the Montessori method, Leah Babaeva considers it a great achievement that in Russia, unlike other countries, there is a strategy to support people’s lives, and the problem of fertility is under special control of the head of state.

“It seems to me that it is very important that children are in focus and they are given so much attention,” Liya Babaeva said.

kremlin.ru |  Administration of the President of Russia
kremlin.ru | Administration of the President of Russia

The teacher believes that the important point of the adopted law is that the state decided to reduce the traumatic level of children. According to her, children are a special category of citizens who are at particular risk, and reducing risks for them is necessary so that their life and health are under greater protection.

The teacher hopes that the adoption of this law will reduce the risk of repeating situations like the fall of the sports arena with children in Rostov-on-Don. Now, in her opinion, the attention and control of supervisory authorities over how stadiums, playgrounds and other structures where children are present will be strengthened.

“This should give a result, because we know that when the state is really engaged in something, positive changes take place,” said Liya Babayeva.

The new rules will also affect children’s toys, she believes. Among them, according to the teacher, there are many that are too traumatic or harm the psyche of children. In the latter case, we are talking about computer games, and the teacher hopes that the state will tighten control over what children’s games are offered by developers.

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The teacher also liked the fact that the new law indicates the importance of spiritual, moral and family values ​​and the need to educate children in this way.

Liya Babayeva hopes that this law will be extended to cases of suicide among teenagers. The problem is that teenage suicides are often classified as an accident. As a result, this problem, which is relevant especially during the period of passing the exam, is not given due attention.

“Every year during the period of the exam, about 500 teenagers commit suicide. That is, strong feelings and fear of failure in exams lead to such a sad result. If we say that there is such a story, we will begin to treat the mental health of adolescents differently and begin to solve this problem,” said Liya Babayeva.

Executive Secretary of the Committee of the Union “Parents’ Chamber” for the protection of life, demography and increasing the birth rate Sofia Drobyazko hopes that with the help of the adopted law, it will finally be possible to advance the issue of recognizing human life from the moment of conception, and not from the moment of birth, as it is now.

“Life, from a biological point of view, and from a philosophical point of view, and from any point of view, is not defended. We close our eyes to the child who has not yet been born. Despite the fact that the declaration on the rights of the child directly says that the child, due to his vulnerability, needs special legal protection both before and after birth, ”said Sofia Drobyazko.

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The expert believes that Russian society should free itself from the false attitudes that have taken root in its mind, and recognize the child’s right to life from the moment of conception. And the state and the legislature should offer not only measures to support women who face the so-called reproductive choice, but also ban the promotion of abortion.

“Abortion propaganda today is primarily aimed at children and adolescents,” said Sofia Drobyazko.

At the same time, this propaganda, Nadezhda Zhilina drew attention, is actively promoted by Russia’s Western opponents. In many ways, it is she, the expert believes, who is to blame for the fact that young mothers throw themselves out of the window with their children.

Sofia Drobyazka agrees with the comment of a colleague. According to her, Western propaganda of abortion can be seen as an element of a hybrid war waged against us in order to reduce the population of the Russian Federation.

Abortions, the expert believes, lead to the destruction of women’s reproductive health and, as a result, the nation as a whole.

“If we compare countries where abortion at will has never been legalized and countries where it is legalized with a comparable level of medicine, we will see that reproductive problems, including maternal mortality, are much less where there is no wide access to abortion. ”, Sofia Drobyazko noted.

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General Director of the ANO Crisis Center for Pregnant Women “Save Me Life” Vyacheslav Pushchin (Belgorod region) told how the center tries to keep women from having an abortion. According to him, most women who decide to have an abortion are either not sure about the future or about their partner, or they are pressured by their parents and other relatives. However, women who are quite wealthy also decide to have abortions. They believe that the child is not included in their plans, as it can interfere with their career.

“Such a problem exists, unfortunately, to this day. And so we decided to create a center that will deal with abortion prevention and help women who need it,” said Vyacheslav Pushchin.

The center distributes its advertising in polyclinics and women’s clinics, as well as in universities. According to the public activist, in its materials the center seeks to explain to young girls that abortion does not solve the situation, but only complicates it, and therefore leads to serious problems in the future.

“There is such a thing as an information trail. Scientists have long tried to understand why women who have had an abortion, after some time, suddenly begin to cry, scream, regret it. It turns out that because there is a spiritual connection with the child, and it is not broken after an abortion. Our goal is to inform women that they will regret their choice later,” said Vyacheslav Pushchin.

In addition to educational work, the center also provides women with direct assistance – financial and medical. It helps, for example, to overcome a crisis situation when pregnancy falls at the peak of payments on loans or mortgages. In some cases, women are provided with housing, for example, when relatives are opposed to childbirth. But the main thing that the center gives is human participation. According to Vyacheslav Pushchin, sometimes there is simply no one to talk to a girl like a human being, and as a result she decides to commit the sin of infanticide.


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