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Teacher accused of raping a sixth-grade girl caught, was hiding in the dhanis to escape from the police

Rajasthan Crime News: One of the two teachers accused of raping an innocent girl studying in class 6 in a government school in Shergarh area of ​​Jodhpur has been caught by the police. To escape from the police, the accused was hiding in the far-flung houses.


  • Gangrape case of sixth grade girl in Jodhpur’s government school
  • The main accused school teacher came in the custody of the police
  • The incident happened three months ago
  • The incident was revealed when the girl was pregnant

Jodhpur. In the case of rape of a class 6 student in a government school in Shergarh police station area of ​​Jodhpur district of Rajasthan, the accused teacher has been arrested by the police. The Jodhpur Police on Thursday arrested teacher Surjaram, the main accused of raping the girl in the school, after raiding the dhanis of Pipad area. In this case, the District Special team engaged in search of Kaliyugi teacher got this success on the basis of the location of the mobile of the accused. Now the teacher accused of rape has been handed over to the Shergarh police station.

The incident which embarrasses the relation of Guru and disciple is from the Government Upper Primary School of Nimbadi Mokamgarh of Baba of Shergarh police station. Here two teachers of Kali Yuga together made an innocent victim of their lust. When the innocent became pregnant, this was revealed and the father of the innocent complained to the police. After this, on Thursday, the Chief of DST team, Suresh Chaudhary, arrested the main accused teacher Surjaram and handed him over to the Shergarh police station.

this was the case
Masoom, who is studying in class 6 of the school, did not know why he was asking his Guruji to stay in the school during the second week of March. At his behest, the innocent had stayed in school after the holiday. During this his brother was also staying but he was scolded and driven away by these poor people. After this a teacher named Surjaram raped this innocent and a teacher named Sahiram was guarding outside so that no one would come.

Innocent pregnant then revealed
After about 3 months after this incident, the health of the innocent deteriorated and she was taken to the hospital, then it was revealed that she was pregnant. Knowing this, the ground slipped from under the feet of the innocent’s father, he immediately complained about the matter to the Shergarh police station. After this the police got the innocent medical done.

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DST team did the accused like this
District Special Team Chief Suresh Chaudhary said that on the direction of Rural SP Anil Khayal, the District Special Team was searching for the accused. During this he had disappeared from his house and hid at some unknown place. After this, the special team searched all the mobile numbers that came in contact with the accused and checked their location. After this, the information about the accused hiding in the dhanis in Pipar area of ​​Jodhpur was confirmed on the basis of location. After which the DST handpicked the accused.

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